April 2019 Calendar

April 2
8:30am Music
10:00am Memories: Then and Now

April 6
2:00pm: Movie in Assisted Dining Room
6:30pm: Card Game

April 10
9:00am: Sittercize
4:00pm: Trip to Walmart
Must sign up!

April 15
9:00am: “CBS” Old Time Radio Show
1:00pm: Juice Cart

April 18
2:00pm: Popcorn Social
6:00pm Men’s Talk in Baywood Family Room

April 21
10:00am: Entertainment Easter Parade Party
2:00pm: Movie & Popcorn Social & Independent Activity
6:00pm: Sports Talk in Baywood Family Room

April 26
1:00pm: Independent Activity
6:00pm: Card Game

April 30
10:00am: Nail Grooming and Spa
3:00pm: Spanish Class