Many years of shared friendship

We at Mission Palms would like you to meet a special lady!

Through our lives we meet lots of people, some just in passing and others such as teachers, co-workers and friends are around us for longer periods if we are lucky enough. It’s rare and very special to have contact with others you have known for as long as our resident Sylvia M. has. She had two lovely lady visitors come to visit, while showing them her room we got to chat and I found out they have been friends for many years! 76 years to be exact! Ever since kindergarten. Her friends Frances Gutierrez O. and Mary Lou (Rivera) M. had lots of wonderful things to say about their special friend Sylvia (Vigil) M. Sylvia was a great Salsa Dancer in her youth and she lived life to the fullest. She also made great homemade ‘tortillas’. They had a wonderful visit and promised to return soon to see her. It is a special thing to be able to stay in contact with old friends. We wish them all the best.

By Terry Collins
Director of Recreational Dept.

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