Welcome Katie Deichert, Our New Therapy Director

— I have been an Occupational Therapist for 12 years and a Director of Rehab for 4 years. I was previously at La Estancia Nursing and Rehab for 11 years as a therapist and director before transferring here to Mission Palms in October 2018. I absolutely love my job and how every day is never the... Read More

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

— What makes January 1st such a special time to make a change in our lives, and why can it be so difficult to maintain that change? There are a number of key reasons that apply to some, if not all, of the broken resolutions. We are not being realistic when we make the commitment. Everyone... Read More

Tips For Keeping Active In The Winter

— With winter approaching, there may be many upcoming cold days that simply make us want to stay inside and keep warm. All those days spent indoors can sometimes be accompanied by the winter blues. Fortunately, there are a lot of things we can do to liven things up and stay active in the winter even... Read More

Holiday Ornament Crafts

— Whimsical Light Bulb Reindeer You will need: One used light bulb Brown felt cloth or fun foam Acrylic paints and brushes Ribbon 1 small red pom-pom Glue First, paint the light bulb brown. Set aside and let dry. Once the brown paint on the light bulb has dried completely, use a paint brush to paint... Read More

Success Story: Mr. N.

— Mr. N. admitted to Mission Palms of Mesa Health and Rehab on 10/15/18 and upon therapy evaluation he was found to require minimal assistance for bed mobility and only contact guard assistance for transfers and mobility. He required contact guard assistance for all activities of daily living but then demonstration decreased overall activity tolerance with... Read More

Holidays of Significance in December

— Kwanzaa was founded in 1966 as a way to celebrate African-American heritage, community, family, justice, and nature. It’s not a religious holiday but a celebration of unity and ancestry. Kwanzaa lasts for seven days, starting Dec. 26. Each day is dedicated to a different principle, together known as Nguzo Saba. These principles are Umoja-unity, Kujichagulia-... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— Happy Holidays to all of our residents, patients and their families! During the month of December and this holiday season, it is a great time to reflect on the year and the many things to be grateful for. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your continued support and... Read More

Success Story: Susan B.

— Susan B., came to Mission Palms with difficulty walking due to a hip fracture. She was dedicated and determined to be able to regain her full strength and walking ability. With her dedication and determination, she was able to work hard with Matt in physical therapy daily to modify her ambulation abilities from minimal assistance... Read More

Start of Fall

— Patients gathered to celebrate the cooler weather by making apple cider and gathering to have conversations of the seasons changing when they grew up. Reminiscing on changes of the seasons is a great way to recollect and refresh the memory. This also created a great opportunity for residents. Staff, and other family members to all... Read More

Activity Highlights

— Daycare thanksgiving luncheon- On November 15th at 10 AM join us and young daycare friends from next door, for a pre-thanksgiving luncheon. Celebrate the importance and the history to the holiday with this younger generation to be able to share traditions and hear what traditions are still celebrated among younger generations today. All are welcome... Read More