Short-Term Therapy Success Stories: Mr. A.

Mr. A admitted to Mission Palms of Mesa Health and Rehab following a right total hip arthroplasty in November 2018 that had become infected upon return home from previous rehab center. He required IV antibiotics to treat the infection along with physical, occupational and speech therapy services to optimize independence with activities of daily living, mobility and transfers to be able to return home at high prior level of function. Upon admission, Mr. A required contact guard assistance for all mobility, transfers and standing activities of daily living. He required moderate assistance for lower body dressing and bathing due to total hip precautions.

Following 4 weeks of IV antibiotic treatment and physical and occupational therapy services, Mr. A was able to return home Modified Independent with use of a front wheeled walker and adaptive equipment in order to follow his total hip precautions independently. Mr. A was very pleased with the progress he made and the care he received from all of the nursing, rehab and ancillary staff at Mission Palms of Mesa.

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