Short-Term Therapy Success Story

Mr. V admitted to Mission Palms of Mesa after sustaining a pathological right femur fx s/p R femur replacement and hemiarthroplasty on 12/31 with radical resection R proximal femur by Dr. DeComas. Upon admission, Mr. V required extensive assist for all mobility, transfers and activities of daily living. He required two people to assist him with any transfers out of bed or to put on/take off his specialized hip brace. At the end of his rehab stay, Mr. V was able to discharge home at a modified Independent level using a walker for optimal stability. He has started working on progressing towards using a single point cane and will continue to work towards his goal of walking without an adaptive device with ongoing home health and outpatient therapy as needed upon his return home. Thank you Mr. V for allowing us to care and work with you at Mission Palms of Mesa!

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